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CEU Prior Approval

The Medical Association of Billers grants prior approval for continuing education units (CEUs) based on billing and coding significance.

In order to retain the CMBSTM certification professionals are required to participate in the CEU evaluation process. The purpose of granting prior approval is so candidates know how many CEUs will be granted for each class.

Requirements for Prior Approval
  • Prior approval is recommended for all learning institutions. The Pre-Approval form must be submitted with the application fee, agenda, dates, and presenter information 30-days prior to the event.
  • A single application is valid for a 12-month period beginning with the date of the approval.
  • Multiple programs given at a learning institution must have multiple forms submitted.
  • Only billing and coding program content will be approved.
  • One CEU is awarded for each hour of instruction.
  • Reading and responding to publications is not approved.
  • The following information may be used in brochures and other advertisements of pre-approved curriculum:
"This program is granted prior approval of ___ CEUs by the Medical Association of Billers. Granting of prior approval does not constitute endorsement by the MAB of the program content or sponsor."

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