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Test Out Procedures

The CMBSTM Examination is comprised of 100 questions covering medical terminology, medical office insurance, insurance carriers, Medicare, ICD-9 coding, Introduction to ICD-10, CPT coding, fraud and abuse, and the evaluation of an EOB. If you would like a complete list of topics please visit our CMBS Certification Page
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If you feel you can challenge the Certified Medical Billing Specialist® Examination, you can test out one of two ways:
  • Take the exam on Sunday following any PowerWeekend™. You do not have to attend the PowerWeekend™ to sit for the exam.
  • Take the exam at a proctor site.
Proctor Site

There are two types of proctor sites:
  • A proctor site is a facility or college who has signed an agreement with the Medical Association of Billers to protect the confidentiality of the CMBSTM exam. Click here for a list of Proctor Site Locations.
  • Any non profit location who agrees to monitor the exam can be considered a proctor site. Many libraries, schools, churches and synagogues are more than happy to proctor exams. All you have to do is have the site send us a letter on their letterhead stating that they will proctor the exam for you on a particular date. Send their letter along with your payment at least two weeks prior to the exam date to the address listed below.
Proctors will verify that the person taking the exam is the person who is registered and will monitor that the only resources used during the exam is a CMS 1500, an ICD and a CPT coding manual. Upon completion of the exam, the site sends back the examination to the MAB for grading.

Cost for the CMBSTM Certification Exam
The cost for the comprehensive CMBSTM Exam is $199. (You must be a member of the Medical Association of Billers to sit for the CMBSTM examination. For information on becoming a member please click here.)  To register to become a member please click here.

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